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E. Betty Levin

15- year time for sanity

This column (Letters to the Editor) is focused on improving our community. Thus, I offer my concerns that affect us here and now, even beyond Millburn-Short Hills, as part of the world at large--even impacting us as if happening next door. I am referring to the anti-nuclear treaty proposal, to be voted on ln the Senate this month (September).

As a Peace Educator, I've come to know we must appeal to the best in being human, that Secretary of State Kerry has negotiated a sensible agreement, backed by most European countries, including the Soviet Union. It is a treaty to be celebrated, a valley of calm in the tumultuous Mid-East. Further, George H. Bush who many agree got us into this Mid-East mess by the War in Iraq has encouraged these negotiations. Notice that Bush has learned that a 15- year time for sanity is desireable!

International journalists visiting Iran have reported that the people of Iran feel only friendliness toward the United States and want peaceful times. Perhaps they'll favorably influence their leaders in the 15-year interval. Note they are presently our allies in fighting ISES.

15 years is a significant time to bring sanity to times bordering on the insane. Are those Senators opposed to the treaty prepared to send our troops to war? If we didn't have hope that our offspring could emerge into sensibility in 15 years, would we even agree to consider conceiving children?

Many with whom I talk favor this treaty do nothing but offer comments in private conversation. NOW is the time for action, to speak your feelings, honoring that we live in the most free of all countries in the world. Our Millburn Item provides us with the names of our Senators at the bottom of this page. I urge you to resist tossing this newspaper aside before you call or write your comments.

Menendez has already voiced his opposition to the treaty. I believe he is short-sighted and needs to hear the convictions of citizens who think otherwise. Reassure him that a 15-year opportunity for wisdom is far preferable to wartime action. Senator Cory Booker is still open to your persuasions.

Fellow citizens, I implore you, speak out for hope, sanity, peace and our better natures.

E. Betty levin
117 Sagamore Road.