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E. Betty Levin, M. A.
Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst
Treating Individuals and Couples
Humanistic, existential, psychodynamic orientation
Private practitioner for over 38 years.
E. Betty Levin

On Becoming 91

This is the best time of my life. My values and priorities are more defined, I'm not as easily distracted as I steer my journey. I have deep satisfaction, pursuing and finding meaning as I travel through life.

My moral compass, creative inclinations and eager curiosity propel me in satisfying directions. I'm open to fresh ideas that expand my thinking, I've learned to ask questions. "What's happening here? What is it that I don't know?" As I continue to look further, I start to find answers. I avoid demonizing people who don't agree with me.

For me, humanity is what life is truly about. Author and naturalist Henry Beston stated it best when he said, "Nature is part of our humanity. Without that divine mystery, man ceases to be man." I believe our technology age has ignored this. I recognize that technology encompasses stunning accomplishments but it has done so at a price. I believe a thinking citizen should understand the differences between gathering information, achieving knowledge and integrating true wisdom. For me, artificial intelligence eliminates the soul.

We need meaningful tangible interactions. How often do we reach out to neighbors, passers by in need, or underserved people? The satisfactions of friendly one-on-one relationships bring immense pleasure not replicated on social media. I cherish these interactions. One frosty night, my neighbor brought homemade soup to my front door, even though she was busy with her own family. You can't put a value on this. For me, trying to create a more humane world is a pillar of the convictions that guide me, connecting me to caring people in whom I find an abundance of goodness.

I take my outlook on health from both Eastern and Western perspectives, I try to limit my emotional concerns on these matters so as to not dominate my quality time. I practice meditation, realizing the awe and mystery of life.

Sometimes, I make foolish decisions. But they become learning experiences. If I offend someone I ask,' forgiveness. This spiritual act enables me to enrich relationships rather than suffer from misunderstandings. I live, I learn, I grow.

E. Betty levin
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